ADRIAN LANE - Specimen Angler         
I am originally from Painswick, Gloucestershire, for the last 15 years I have lived in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire with my wife Deilwen and my four children.
After years of match fishing, I gave angling a break for some time, I started again in 2015, this was due to my sons school taking him fishing every Friday, it was not long after that he kept asking me about taking him that I mysteriously found myself in a local tackle shop and it all started again.
The old debit card took a beating that day, and I had a lot of explaining to do to Deilwen when I got home that day, but she forgave me.
I joined the Angling Trust and I started reading about the big issues that angling seems to be up against these days, it all seemed to be a lot worse for the sport now, than I remember from years ago.
Eventually I decided to try and help out, I attended a training session for the Voluntary Bailiff Service, this enabled me to get out there and meet anglers on the bank and find out what was happening to effect the sport in my locality.
I was surprised at the magnitude of what was going on around me, so I soon started regular patrols and information gathering and passing it on with great success to the Angling Trust, Police & Environment Agency, all of whome gave me great support and assisted me in solving a lot of local issues.
I am now the Angling Trust, Voluntary Bailiff Service (VBS), Area Coordinator for Gloucestershire I work with other VBS Bailiffs all over my county in gathering intelligence and passing it onto the relevant authorities. I also enjoy visiting other fisheries and assisting them and local anglers in anyway I can.
My favorite species that I fish for are Carp, Pike & Barbel, but I will fish for any species at all, I love fishing the beautiful River Wye for barbel & pike, I am very lucky to have this great river virtually on my doorstep.
Take care everyone, please do not hessitate to contact me, should there be anyway I can be of assistance to you, or your club, I am always willing to help.
Tight lines all, I hope to meet you on the bank one day.
Adrian Lane
 Angling Trust
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