ADRIAN LANE - Specimen Angler         
My name is Adrian Lane, I am the area coordinator for the Angling Trust, Voluntary Bailiff Service in Gloucestershire, England.
I was for many years a professional match angler, but these day I concentrate my angling efforts on specimen angling.
Angling seems to be up against more problems these days than I remember seeing years ago, so I have decided to try and do something to assist with the problems that our great sport is up against.
I have many years of experience behind me, I have been fishing since I was about thirteen years of age, and believe me that was a long time ago.
There is nothing I enjoy more than getting out on the bank and meeting anglers and hearing there concerns, I am also available to assist any clubs or fisheries with any assistance or advice, just contact me via the Contact Form.
Please feel free to call me on 07704 931159, tight lines all.
I do consider myself these day's to be very much a specimen angler, although I am temped to enjoy the pleasures of match angling again though.
My main quarry these days are Barbel & Pike, but I do still enjoy my carp fishing, although I am happy to fish for any species.
I much prefer river angling, as apposed to a stillwater fishing, my favorite rivers are the mighty & beautiful River Wye and the River Severn, I am lucky enough to have these two great waters on my doorstep.
The Gloucester to Sharpness Canal was an old favorite of mine in my match fishing days, I am looking forward to getting back to some of my favorite sections there soon.
There are only have two species of coarse fish I am yet to catch, they are, Catfish and Zander, but I am sure I will cross these of my list soon.
Lake Pochard -
It was nice to have a visit to Lake Pochard in the Cotswold Water Park, South Cerney, Gloucestershire with Kevin Pearson (Angling Trust) & Janusz Kansik (Building Bridges Project).
We met up with owner, Stephen Hobden & VBS Andy Mattock (Lumpy), the fishery is now a keen participant in Operation Leviathan.
This is a great venue, with every facility the visiting anglers could wish for, If you are concidering a days fishing at the Cotswold Water Park, why not visit there website and take a look for yourself.
Steve Hobden and his team will make you very welcome, I look forward to going back and seeing how they are getting on in the near future.
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Voluntary Bailiff Patrols
I am very grateful for the support that Gloucestershire Constabulary has given to the Angling Trust, Voluntary Bailiff Service in my area, we are very lucky to have the Rural Crime Officers so handy, of which one is a very experienced angler.
The Environment Agency Fisheries Enforcement Officers have been very helpful assisting a local angling clubs in my area that has been suffering a lot of crime at there fisheries by a minority of Eastern European anglers.
Please report anything suspicious you see when out angling, if you don't report it, as far as the authorities are concerned it didn't happen.
Environment Agency Fishery Enforcement Team.
The EA Fishery Enforcement Officers are out and about 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. dealing with angling related issues.
Most of the visits to fisheries you see, are due to the intelligence recieved from anglers on the bank and the Angling Trust Voluntary Bailiff Service.
Let's keep the intel flowing, it enables them to know what is really going on and were, it also builds up a pattern to enable them to identify hotspots, I can assure you that from what I have seen, they will most definitely act on it.
EA Hotline 0800 807060 & the Police on 101.
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